A Türkiye travel resource and workbook to help you discover what you truly want from your trip, and make it happen!

Have you had a trip to Türkiye in the pipeline for a while now? 

Or maybe you’ve just been inspired to come on a last-minute adventure to Türkiye.

Either way, you’re in the right place.

Because either way, it’s a LOT to plan a trip to a new country. There’s so much to consider. Language, currency, culture, safety, can you flush the toilet paper? (the answer is no!), can you drink the tap water? (also, no!).

And that’s not even the main thing you want to focus on, right? You want to focus on the all-important questions of where to go, what to do and see while in the magnificent country of Türkiye.

And trust me when I say that with so many incredible sights and experiences in Türkiye, there really is something for everyone. 

The chance to travel and see different places on our beautiful planet is a privilege and not something most of us do every day, so we can also feel the pressure to ‘not waste a single second- or a single dollar.’

So if you’re coming to Türkiye (and you’ve booked your flights), or you’ve wanted to ‘just take the trip’ for a while now, this is your sign: DO IT!

  • Scuba-diving with turtles and paragliding over crystal lagoons.
  • Hiking the trails of St. Paul’s footsteps.
  • Enjoying the high life in the megacity of Istanbul.
  • Visiting Türkiye’s gazillion historical sites.
  • Snoozing on a sunbed on a powder white sand beach:

Prioritizing what YOU enjoy will make this the trip of a lifetime. 

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking,  ‘But I don’t know what I like, Kimberly!’ 

That’s okay! I’m here to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery so you can figure out exactly what you want from your trip to Türkiye, and not Susan from accounting, who went last summer and raved about the stuffed mussels (and you have a seafood allergy, lol!).

Istanbul, Türkiye, has been my home for the past five years. Yep, that’s right. I love it so much that I live here full-time. I’ve immersed myself in the culture, learned Turkish, and found a community I love. 

But would you believe that once upon a time, I was just like you? I was ‘just a girl sitting in front of a laptop with her finger hovering over the Skyscanner’s ‘book’ button, wanting to go to Türkiye!’ Lol.

Moving to Türkiye after hardly leaving the USA all my life was TERRIFYING! But as with all hard things, I did it, and it transformed me as a person. Whenever we go somewhere new and allow ourselves to take up the humble posture of ‘learner’ and ‘guest,’ that’s when we can encounter the most profound personal growth, right? 

We learn to see things from others’ perspectives and how other cultures view our shared human experiences, such as life, love, and family. 

I am not the same person I was before I came to Türkiye, and I promise you that if you come with an open heart, your visit has the potential to stretch your worldview, challenge your perceptions of people, and teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. 

kimberly in downtown Antalya
Hanging out in Antalya.

I believe the best trip to Türkiye is one that includes your own personal growth and self-discovery.

So, if you want to learn what Türkiye has to offer with a concise overview of its seven different regions, and have a framework to help you learn about your tastes and design your dream trip, keep reading…

Istanbul in the Marmara Region in Turkey

I have combined over five years of research with my passion to help others on their journey of self-discovery into Dream Trip Türkiye: a workbook to help you discover what you truly want from your trip, and make it happen.

I designed Dream Trip Türkiye to help you defeat overwhelm, get inspired about what Türkiye has to offer, and put together the most yummy itinerary so you can TAKE THE TRIP!

In Dream Trip Türkiye, you get: 

A self-paced, digestible, workbook

A 50-page workbook you can download and print off (or use digitally) in your own time.

Overviews of the seven regions of Türkiye

Complete with summarized fact files on food, weather, main sights/attractions, accommodation recommendations and details on five major cities for each region, intended to give you a broad picture of what’s possible for your trip.

Magazine-style fun self-reflection exercises and quizzes on four big ideas

1. Budget 2. When to visit, 3. What to do while you’re there, and 4. Where to go.

A couple of travel summary pages

Where you can choose and add the most important elements of your trip to create daily itineraries.

A video covering the basics of Turkish

Plus a cheat sheet of phrases and words to help you communicate on your travels.

App suggestions to download and use when you’re traveling

These are my favorite that I used especially when I first got here and was a tourist.

A packing list and a gift shopping list.

These are the things I make sure I pack every time I travel internationally and the things I bring as gifts for friends.

A couple of videos with cultural and practical tips

Videos with insider cultural tips and recommendations from someone who has chosen to make Turkey their home and who is on a mission to convince you Turkey is as incredible as she has come to know it is! Comment end  

the missing piece

Dream Trip Türkiye was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I had been planning to visit friends living in Türkiye for the past couple of years but the pressure of making it the epic trip just got me procrastinating and back from booking. After filling Kimberly’s Dream Trip Türkiye workbook I had a three-week adventure all planned out, and I’m so excited!
Jamie, Canada

I know how it feels to desire adventure so much, and to enjoy the research process, but you need a little help getting started to give that overwhelm the boot! I made Dream Trip Türkiye to empower you to sit down and design your perfect dream trip. It can be whatever YOU want. 

Think of Dream Trip Türkiye as just the framework to get you started. You can print it off, grab your favorite colorful Stabilo pens, and head to your favorite cafe to complete it or do a few minutes every evening on your computer or table over the course of the week. Either way, Dream Trip Türkiye will help you hone in your focus on what you truly want from your trip so you can maximize your time in Türkiye and make incredible memories for life. 

And with Dream Trip Türkiye, you’re getting wayyyy more than the average travel guide (or Trip Advisor’s subjective reviews!) because if there is one thing I know in life, it’s Türkiye! I have traveled to over 26 countries, but Istanbul was the city that called me home. 

 I now have local-level favorite go-tos for everything you could imagine in Türkiye, so when you plan your trip using my Dream Trip Türkiye workbook, you can trust that all the information is from someone who has seen most of these places first-hand, AND who truly understands travel is a unique experience.  

Not only do tastes differ from person to person, but how we experience different things is different, too, right? Cappadocia could be a magical experience for one person but just a bunch of red dusty rocks for someone else. Izmir’s famous artichoke festival could be pure heaven for a foodie, but boring for someone else who wants to do extreme sports. You get my drift. I want to help you dig into your desires, dreams, and your personality to find out what would make YOUR heart sing while visiting Türkiye so you can have the BEST trip.

I really do know how it feels to have that burning desire to leave the comfort zone of your hometown, get off the couch, and travel the world. And I know it feels scary (because I did it!). But I PROMISE you, you won’t regret it, friend. Whether you’re nineteen or ninety, it’s time to take the trip!!!

The investment for the Dream Trip Türkiye Workbook is


For this price, you’re basically getting your own customized dream trip. Think of it as a DIY version of a VIP customized tour just for you! 

You’re getting all the information you need to identify where to visit, what to do, where to eat, and how to plan your trip down to the very last detail- all in super-readable format. You’re also getting all the must-know info to keep you safe and healthy while you enjoy your trip. Dream Trip Türkiye is also ideal if you’re planning a group trip, as you can all complete the workbook individually and then confer together to plan so everyone gets to do what they like. 

Ready to plan your Dream Trip to Türkiye?

Still not sure if the Dream Trip Türkiye is for you?

Just take five and consider the investment you’re about to make in this trip. Getting on that plane without a plan is a bit like picking food out on a menu at a restaurant blindfolded- RISKY!

You might find travel books or guides online or in travel agencies, but no one offers personalized itinerary planning like Dream Trip Türkiye. If you want the best experience in Türkiye, investing in yourself for this one hour or two of self-discovery work will get you there (and it will save you hours and research time.)

This workbook truly is one of a kind, born from my passion for travel and self-discovery. (You can also reuse it as many times as you want for your other travel adventures.)

Five years ago, I packed up my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Turkey, and I’ve never looked back. Now, it’s my mission to help as many people as possible find gold in this beautiful country—no matter what that looks like for them. 

From indulging in wellness treatments in Türkiye’s famous spa thermal towns and hammams or enjoying five-star luxury on the Mediterranean coast to backpacking your way out to the unexplored east- no matter your jam…

Dream Trip Türkiye will help you:

  • Defeat anxiety and fear and BOOK the trip!
  • Navigate decision fatigue.
  • Discover what will bring you joy in Türkiye without wasting time or money doing stuff you never really wanted to do in the first place.
  • Know what you want from your trip to Türkiye instead of blindly booking stuff and hoping for the best.
  • Feel unshakably confident and like, ‘I have a plan, and I can do this!’
  • Educate yourself on minimizing risk (especially as solo women travelers or families with young children).
  • Peace of mind because you’ve been savvy and budgeted for everything- you decide where to splash a bit of the cash and where to rein it in.
  • Feel a little familiar with the language and cultural norms so it’s not a shock when you arrive. 
  • Enjoy feeling the excitement and anticipation of what’s going to be the best trip ever because it’s exactly what you want!
  • Feelings of smug satisfaction because you’re doing only what YOU want to do in Türkiye (don’t want to go shopping all day in Istanbul’s glitzy Grand Bazaar? That is OKAY! You do you!)

Ready to stop shooting in the dark? Reading to silence the overwhelm? Ready to create the perfect itinerary for your trip of a lifetime to Türkiye? I invite you to say YES! 

What’s more, I’m gifting my Travel Capsule Wardrobe packing guide to the first 10 people who buy Dream Trip Türkiye! (This guide helps you pack light and for functionality, eliminating stress and overpacking. You’re welcome!) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? No problem, send me a message here. You can also join our wonderful Facebook community here, where you can chat with lots of other travelers. Alternatively, take a look at these FAQs below.

What if i still don’t know by the end of this workbook?

When you purchase, you will get a code for %50 off of my consultation service. We will make sure that you’re ready for your trip! I guarantee we will make sure you know what you need to know to feel comfortable to take the plunge.

Will the Dream Trip Türkiye workbook work for us if we plan a group trip?

Yes. It’s ideal (and great value) for a group as you can all fill it in separately, come back together, and share your ideas so you can plan your trip taking everyone’s desires into consideration. 

How long does it take to complete the workbook?

An hour or maybe two if you like to take your time pondering all your choices.

Do you make reservations for me?

No. That’s down to you after you plan your trip. This is quite regulated in Turkey and I’m not trying to get in trouble. I am not a travel agent, just a consultant for your trip.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Since it is a digital product and immediately accessible, there are no refunds.