Resources for Travel

I have been traveling for more than 15 years and have been to 25+ countries. Here are some of my favorite resources.

When I plan a trip these are the websites I use. Hope they help you plan your next adventure as well!

FLIGHTS and the like

Skyscanner: This an aggregate platform so you’re seeing options from many different airlines or hotel chains to make sure you get the best price possible. When you book flights and hotels together you typically get an even bigger discount.

WayAaway: While you can look for international flights with this, it definitely works the best for domestic flights. That being said, you can earn all kinds of money back through the WayAway Plus.

Priority Pass: With Priority Pass you can have access to really nice lounges around the world. I have been so grateful to have a nice place to chill while waiting on a long layover. They have food and drinks. Kick back, enjoy a beer, and chill until your next flight.

Global Entry: This will be helpful to get through security quickly and without incident. They also have a strictly domestic one called TSA Precheck.

Accommodations I really appreciate the review system of You can’t use it in Turkey without a VPN so make your plans while back home or grab the VPN.

Hostelworld: If you’re looking for a cheaper route, definitely recommend Hostelworld. If you want to stay in Kadıköy, Kevin’s Hostel is well-loved by travelers.

Skyscanner: Perhaps you’re wondering if Skyscanner is legit for hotels? The answer is yes! When you buy your hotel and flight together, you can often save even more.

Airbnb: I typically use Airbnb when traveling in Turkey because I want a kitchen…that being said, one thing to note is that the beds typically will be quite hard. Keep in mind the standards are different here so don’t expect the Hilton.

BEWARE: Please exercise caution when using Airbnb in Turkey. Many times locations on the website aren’t registered in Turkey and when a cop comes by to check it, some have been asked to leave the flat, being illegally rented.


Note: As of 2023 Americans no longer need to apply for a 90-day visa. If you’re from a country that does need a visa, these will help you.

iVisa: Paid service that will take care of everything for your visa.

E-visa: Free service where you can get your visa online. You can also get it upon entry but that seems riskier to me.

Phone & Internet usage abroad

Airalo: When I traveled to SE Asia I discovered e-SIMs and I’m never going back. To be fair, not every phone supports an e-SIM but if your phone does, it is really handy and easy to use.

Turkcell: If you get a card in the country, Turkcell has the best coverage in touristy places so you shouldn’t have many issues.

Google Voice: I have a Google Voice number that allows you to text as normal through the Voice app on data instead of text messages.

SurfShark: I have been using SurfShark for more than 4 years now. I could recommend something that pays out more but this one is the best price. And in all those years, I have only had 2 times where it was problematic and their customer service was so helpful!


Bra Wallet: While this can be clipped to your bra, it could just as easily be clipped to your belt loop and tucked inside. Keep those important documents safe.

Local Lawyer: Pelin is a lawyer who specializes in working with foreigners in Turkey. She studied law here but got her MBA in the States. is what I have used for every trip I take. You can compare many different companies and get the one that best fits you.

Travelon Backpack: These bags are awesome, especially for touristy areas where pickpocketing is common and easily done.

CAR RENTAL & Transportation – Looking to get a transfer from the airport? This is another option.

Discover Cars: I have used them several times in Turkey. Don’t forget your car insurance to protect you as you drive around the country.

GetirAraç-MOOV – With this app you can car share. Make sure you put a copy of your latest entry to the country…should be 6 months or newer.

Airport Transfer: I have used this company multiple times and they have always had nice vans, they are on time and are a great price.


GetYourGuide: This is my favorite for day tours as they have a pretty great selection for Turkey specifically. Make sure you select something highly rated with lots of reviews for a better chance of a good tour.

Viator: This is also a good option but I have found things on GetYourGuide that I couldn’t find here. But Viator has great name recognition and trust. The same goes for this one when choosing a tour.

G Adventures: Whether you want to do a solo tour or join others, have it planned for you then enjoy! G Adventures has great reviews and people love their tours.

Contiki: If you’re 18-35, then this is the option for you! You can travel solo and meet up with a group of people your age and see the world.


EatWith: This program is really quite incredible. You get to have dinner with locals. It is such a unique opportunity to not only eat local food but also learn about local culture.

Meetup: Surely you’re familiar with Meetup in the States. They also have meetups in Istanbul. Meet up with people for a cruise, practice language, or have a lovely dinner.

So it’s your first trip abroad

Tips for International Flights will be things to help make the trip and flight more enjoyable.

The importance of packing your carry-on correctly will ensure that you have what you need even if they lose your bag or something happens.

Travel essentials for everyone for every trip will make sure you have the basics covered.

As a woman traveler, these are important items that could make your trip more comfortable.

Want to make your life easier with a travel capsule wardrobe? This mini ebook will teach you how.

Favorite products

My favorite crossbody to travel in crowded areas.

Great travel safe backpack so you’re not pickpocketed.

Make sure you pack your power adapter!

This is my favorite filtered water bottle hands down.

Travel games are great when traveling with friends to help pass the time…not on your phone.

Seriously, bring a mini first aid kit. If you’d rather make it yourself that is fine but I recommend keeping one on you here.

I recommend a long raincoat because, with Turkey’s windy rain, an umbrella won’t do you much good.

It sucks not having power when you need it and with outlets in short supply abroad, a power bank is a must.