Türkiye Awaits with the New Turkey Digital Nomad Visa: empower your nomadic Spirit

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Looking for more info on the Turkey Digital Nomad Visa? I got you covered!

SUMMARY: Türkiye has just joined a host of other countries with their digital nomad visa. If you do remote work and are looking for a new country to visit, Turkey should be on the list!

Ever since I first set foot in Turkey, I’ve been captivated by its beauty, culture, and vibrant energy. From the first moment, it felt like home.

But my connection with this enchanting country runs even deeper.

Long before I made the move to Turkey, I so wanted to work and live in Turkey. Being a graphic designer and travel blogger makes that easy generally.

And now with the Digital Nomad Visa for Turkey, I hope it will be even easier.

Being so new, there are still many things we are still figuring out but it holds a lot of possibility for so many.

Are you a digital nomad and want to see this beautiful country? Now is your chance to explore this beautiful country that has captured my heart since day one.

Let’s see what the visa is all about!

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Why you Should Choose Turkey as a Digital Nomad

If you’re a digital nomad and have been wanting to visit Turkey, now you have an amazing opportunity.

Since the first time I stepped foot in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018 I have been in love. It immediately felt like home and was so happy to move back a year later.

While living here I have been able to visit places like Fethiye (on a few occasions), Antalya with its beaches, the beautiful Black Sea region, Ankara the capital, Izmir, and more!

I can’t imagine a scenario where someone couldn’t find something they would love to do here.

There are mountains and hiking and water/winter sports. There are so many gorgeous beaches. There are tours galore.

There are UNESCO sites, sunken cities, and food tours. Wine tours are even becoming a thing on which I hope to write an article soon!

There are things to do in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Seriously. It is a beautiful country and getting to travel and see it all will open your mind and heart in such a beautiful way.

You could easily stay in one of the bigger cities like Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya, using it as a home base, and take trips from there to other cities. That’s what I do.

You can even travel internationally to Europe, Albania and Northern Cyprus really easily and quite inexpensively.

A computer and a coffee while I was working from a cafe in Istanbul

Who Can Apply for This Visa?

Turkey has a few different visa options and they have been making some big changes lately. Recently they also removed the requirement for US citizens to apply for 90 day visa, making it even easier to come for a short stay.

Now you can get up to a year in Turkey with this new visa. But there are a few conditions, of course.

  1. Must be a citizen of one of the following countries:
    France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus.
  2. Must be between the ages of 21 and 55. Unfortunately, this won’t be a great fit for those retiring but it is great for working remotely.
  3. Valid passport with at least 6 months left from the date you enter.
  4. Must be a university graduate. You will need to show your diploma or certification of degree document. Basically, you need a university degree.
  5. Biometric photo. Think Passport photo.
  6. Must prove that you have a monthly income of $3,000 or $36,000. It isn’t stated on the website but typically they have to be notarized.
  7. Document showing that the applicant works in the Digital Nomad field
    • Contract, if the applicant working within the company (except companies located in Türkiye)
    • If the applicant is self-employed, the business contract between the applicant and the company (except companies located in Türkiye)

A few other things that are typically required but not included on this list are things like medical insurance for your time in the country, no criminal record, and a rental contract.

The Application Process for the Digital Nomad Visa in Türkiye

So there are a couple of different parts to this process.

First, you have to apply for a special certificate which is essentially making sure you have all the correct and sufficient documents digitally and receive a certificate.

After you have that, you can actually apply for the visa at the consulate in your home country or at the appropriate place in Turkey.

1. To apply for the Turkey Digital Nomad Visa, first you have to go to the Digital Nomad GoTürkiye website and register for an account.

2. After you have your account you will scan and upload the required documents into the system.

3. After submitting the documents, you will receive a notification confirming the submission of them.

4. After the documents and application are reviewed and evaluated you will receive another notification with the result of your application.

5. If it has been approved, you will receive a barcode-enabled Digital Nomad Identification Certificate.

6. From there you will take the certificate to the Türkiye Visa center or consulate along with the physical copies of your documents and actually apply for the visa.
If you are already in Turkey, you can apply to the units of The Presidency of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior.

Once this visa is approved you will be able to get a residence permit and live here in Turkey.

While you can’t technically work in Turkey, meaning get paid by Turkish companies, you can work remotely from Turkey for your American or European company.

Nuray teaching Turkish at Turkish Now

Duration and Renewal for the Nomad Visa in Turkey

As far as we understand right now it is a 1-year visa that is open to renewal similar to the current tourist visa. This is needed for a resident permit.

This provides a really great opportunity to travel and see this country as a digital nomad. It is nice because currently the only option was a tourist visa but this is more suited to those who want to work and play.

They haven’t clarified a lot of the details. Here in Turkey, they typically will be figured out as people go through the process.

What about Learning Turkish?

Turkish is the local language and let me tell you, it isn’t easy to learn.

That being said, being able to speak another language makes me feel like such a badass. I love walking down the street and passing my local grocer and saying hello and wishing this older man a good day.

When I sprained my ankle and a friend went to the store to grab a few things for me, she had me on video and I got to say hi to him.

He went on and on about how I had such a pure heart…all from speaking his language and showing kindness.

I have some great resources for you if you’re looking to learn the language. I have a couple of friends who are private teachers/tutors and another friend who runs a language school called Turkish Now.

Turkish Now is actually where I started then moved to private lessons. The group/school was a really good place for me to start and am soooo glad I did.

If you stay in Turkey you learn as you travel and interact with locals.

But if you choose not to learn Turkish, there is also quite an extensive expat community here in Istanbul especially.

Other cities have expat communities as well. I would say Istanbul’s is the most diverse but you will likely be able to find people who speak your language if you land in a big city.

A cappuccino, computer and a mouse on a small table at a local cafe where I work sometimes.

Where Can I Do Remote Work From?

In the last 10 years, the number of cafes and coffee shops has sky-rocketed. Everywhere I turn these days it seems another one is being built out.

How they all remain open baffles me…I guess it helps that there are 18 million people in Istanbul.

The other thing that has really taken off since the pandemic is coworking spaces. I even have a friend who is building a new one as we speak!

You can also work from a home office if you want.

One thing I would make sure of when moving is the quality of the internet. There are pockets of neighborhoods that don’t have really great high-quality internet but generally speaking, it isn’t a problem.

It would be more so of a problem outside of the bigger cities.

Tips for Expats Who Want to Work in Türkiye

how will the Turkish digital nomad visa will impact your tax situation

Make sure that you have a good conversation with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who is familiar with expat laws. According to CPAs for Expats:

The U.S. Turkey tax treaty, signed in 1996, serves as an agreement between the two countries for determining the taxation of income where both nations may have the legal right to tax according to their respective laws.

Practically speaking, you only pay taxes on the local Turkish income you earn. Without a work visa, however, you shouldn’t be making any income in Turkey or that could also cause a problem.

Get Insurance

You will have to have insurance covering you for the amount of time you are in country. For all other visas, they require a local insurance that has pretty minimal coverage.

Last year I paid 1,450 lira for the year and I think it has doubled since then. So with the current exchange rate you’re looking at less than $100.

I would recommend getting something else in addition, however. I also have private local insurance which will also cover me up to 2 months back in the States within the year.

Visit multiple cities in Turkey

Every city has a different feel. Before you settle in one, maybe take a couple of trips and see where you really feel like you could be for a while.

If you really thrive on the hustle and bustle then Istanbul is probably a great bet for you. Think of it as the New York City of Turkey.

If you really love the heat and beaches, Antalya may be the best option.

Or if you really like a chill environment with temerapte weather, Izmir area is probably gonna be your jam.

Then there are other tourist cities like Bodrum and Dalaman and Marmaris.

Personally I can’t stand the European side of Istanbul but the Asian side feels just right. But you gotta travel to know this for yourself.

view from the ferry on the Bosphorus on a sunny and cloudy day wtih the seagulls flying behind

FAQs for the Digital Nomad Visa for Turkey

Does Turkey have a digital nomad visa?

Yes! They just released it. If you haven’t heard all about it you can read the article above to learn all the details.

Is Turkey good for digital nomads?

As a resident of Istanbul, Turkey since 2019 I would say most definitely. Inflation has been a b***h the last couple of years but if you’re making $3k a month as reported, you will be more than comfortable as a single person or a couple. Plus there is so much to see!

Should I use a VPN in Turkey?

Some VPNs have had more issues working recently here but I use one, especially as a travel blogger and needing to do research that is based in the US.

What is the fee to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Turkey?

Currently they have not posted any information on this. As soon as they do, I will add it to this article.

Work in Turkey with the New Digital Nomad Visa

If you are looking for the next destination for your digital nomad lifestyle I definitely think you should choose Turkey.

The opportunities are endless and there are things to do year-round.

I am excited for the possibilities this presents to us Digital Nomads.

For me, Turkey isn’t just a destination; it’s a place I’ve come to call home. Its allure goes beyond its breathtaking views and vibrant cities; it’s in the warmth of its people and the rhythm of everyday life.

The digital nomad visa opens doors for people like you and me, offering us a chance to immerse ourselves in Turkish culture and pursue professional endeavors.

From bustling metropolises like Istanbul to tranquil coastal towns like Fetihye, Turkey offers a diverse array of settings to work, explore, and thrive within.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey where work meets wonder, consider Turkey as your next destination.

Let the Turkey Digital Nomad Visa be your passport to a life filled with adventure, discovery, and endless possibilities.

Turkey is calling with its rich tapestry of culture, landscapes, and opportunities, will you answer?

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