Men in Turkey: 8 Must-Do Tips for Relationships with Turkish Men

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Ever wondered about men in Turkey? Intrigued about how their cross-cultural interactions play out?

SUMMARY: Turkish men, like any social group, possess a unique culture and mindset that can influence their relationships, particularly with foreign women.

I have had my fair share of interactions with Turkish men in the years that I have been living here and I hope that some of the things I share will help you in yours.

Many of them have been incredibly positive but there have definitely been a few that were not enjoyable as well.

I will share some general behavioral patterns and give insights for foreign women on understanding and navigating such interactions effectively.

I will also explain the dynamics, challenges, and rewards of these relationships, and provide answers to common questions on the subject.

I will not be pulling on my experiences alone either. Many expat women friends have shared their experiences.

It all boils down to understanding different cultural norms are at play. If you slow down and have some grace as you go, you can have some great experiences.

So if you typed “Turkish men dating” in that search bar, here are some thoughts for you!

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Understanding Men in Turkey

The heart of any cross-cultural interaction lies in understanding the foundational values and beliefs of the other culture.

When it comes to Turkish men, there are some key characteristics that foreign women should be aware of, but before we look at them, I want to make a note of one thing.

Location plays a huge role in the man’s culture. Istanbul’s culture is quite different from the Black Sea Region and different from a small village in the East.

There is truly no one-size-fits-all answer. You have to ask questions and get to know someone, especially in a cross-cultural context.

Also, these are gross generalizations. Every man is different and you can’t assume any of these things but they are a great jumping-off point for conversations.

Respect for Tradition: Turkish men usually have a deep respect for tradition and are generally quite proud of their heritage.

This can look like their approach to religion or gender roles.

I have also seen it look like doing something a certain way because that is how it has always been done. But again, this can be with any culture!

Hospitable Nature: Often described as remarkably friendly and hospitable.

Turkish men are welcoming towards foreigners and are fond of social interactions.

Paternalistic Attitude: In relationships, Turkish men tend to be somewhat paternalistic. This is rooted in their cultural upbringing.

To foreigners, it can seem a bit controlling but the root of it is care in most cases.

If it is controlling, just like you would in any other relationship, maybe it’s best to not stay in the relationship if they don’t want to address the issue.

Sensitivity: Turkish men are known for their emotional openness and expressiveness, which can come as a surprise for those from cultures where men are expected to be more stoic.

This, however, does not mean that they necessarily have a high EQ (emotional intelligence) just that they can be more emotional than men in the Western world.

Strong Family Ties: Family is significantly important in Turkish society.

A Turkish man highly values his family’s opinion, which can influence his interactions and decisions in a relationship.

Often, the relationship with their mother can be quite strong. This can be both delightful and frustrating depending on the relationship.

It’s important to note these are generalized observations and everyone is unique, influenced by their personal experiences and attitudes in addition to their cultural background.

Interactions of Turkish Men with Foreign Women

Turkish men interact with foreign women in diverse ways, largely guided by their cultural expectations, personality traits, and excitement in intercultural engagements.

Here is an in-depth look into how this interaction unravels.

My Turkish teacher, Sualp, and I when we were hanging out one day.
Though we aren’t in a dating relationship, Sualp has become such a close friend.

Turkish Men’s Approach and Behavior Towards Foreign Women

Turkish men are often perceived as extremely courteous and friendly not to mention quite handsome.

This is predominantly because they have a collective culture that highly values hospitality and makes foreigners feel welcome in their country.

Surprisingly open and friendly, they may initiate conversations and express a keen interest in getting to know foreign women.

This behavior is often fueled by an inherent curiosity about foreign cultures.

Their allure comes from an exotic mix of Eastern tradition and Western outlook. You can thus expect a mix of traditional and modern attitudes in their approach.

Turkish men are known to be more expressive and romantic than American men.

They aren’t shy about expressing their feelings, which can sometimes be interpreted as intense, especially for women accustomed to more reserved cultures.

Common Experiences of Foreign Women with Turkish Men

Due to their expressive nature, foreign women often find Turkish men charming and gentlemanly.

They are typically very attentive, often complimenting their companions on their attractiveness, intelligence, and other qualities.

Some foreign women may interpret the attention they receive as overwhelming or intense, as it can be more direct than what we are used to in the States.

It’s important to understand this within the cultural context; Turkish people are often warm and expressive by nature.

A number of foreign women report a sense of protection when with their Turkish partners.

This stems from the inherent protective cultural instincts of Turkish men, which although endearing, can sometimes feel overbearing.

The language barrier can be a major issue if there is no shared language.

While many Turkish men in urban areas speak at least some English, there will likely be miscommunication due to language differences.

If there is open communication about these, they can often be quickly solved.

These experiences remind us that interactions between Turkish men and foreign women are diverse, depending on individual and cultural differences.

It’s also essential to navigate these interactions with cultural sensitivity and openness.

One final thing to consider is how you interact. What to Western women seems like a friendly encounter can come across as a strong interest to a man here.

If you aren’t interested in a conversation, don’t make prolonged eye contact with men. I have perfected my RBF when I am walking though if you talk with me anywhere else I am quite lively and smiley.

Dynamics Within Relationships Between Turkish Men and Foreign Women

Engaging in a relationship with a Turkish man can be an enriching experience for a foreign woman, but like all intercultural relationships, it comes with both its unique set of challenges and rewarding aspects.

If both of you are willing to learn from each other’s cultures, listen to each others’ viewpoints, and work on the relationship it can be quite rewarding.

Turkish men, being from a historically patriarchal society, might assume traditional gender roles within relationships without much thought.

However, with increasing Western influence, many men tend to be adaptive and open to non-traditional frameworks.

The language will also play a prominent role in these relationships.

Given the potential language barrier, communication might pose a challenge requiring patience and understanding.

Religious beliefs are integral to many Turkish men.

While many are secular and would not demand a religious conversion, it’s essential to discuss expectations related to religion.

You may even be wondering “how to tell if a Turkish man is really interested”. This is also important because Turkish guys are so good at wooing but often known for a lack of follow-through.

As in any relationship, it is important to look at if they respect you as a person and the things you need/want.

There is always compromise in any relationship, of course. But does he listen and respect you when you are approaching a topic from another view than his?

Does he honor your boundaries or does he push them and act childish when you hold your boundaries?

If he can’t respect you and your thoughts now, it won’t improve in marriage or even more serious relationships. It’s better to cut it while it is easy to do so.

a mass of men at the airport.

Challenges and Rewarding Aspects of These Relationships

Dating a Turkish guy, just like any other nationality has its challenges and its benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them specific to relationships with men from Turkey.


Building mutual understanding: Given the cultural and language differences, establishing comprehension and communication might take time.

There will also be many misunderstandings because of the natural assumptions we hold within our own languages.

Gender roles and expectations: The culturally ingrained gender roles and expectations may lead to misunderstandings in the relationship dynamics.

Their protection can look like control and they can be quite persistent. This is true in relationships but it is also a clear part of culture. Just go to the Grand Bazaar and you will see what I mean.

Acceptance in the extended family: While many Turkish families are welcoming, some might have reservations about their son marrying a foreigner.

You may find yourself on the bad side of the mother which will be incredibly hard to recover from if he is close with his mother at all.

Rewarding Aspects

Learn and experience a new culture: Being in a relationship with a Turkish man offers foreign women a fair opportunity to learn about Turkish culture, language, and customs.

When this is paired with compromise, it is a win for everyone.

Enjoying the romance: The romantic nature of Turkish men can make the relationship feel incredibly passionate and vibrant.

Who doesn’t love to be pursued? Just make sure that if you aren’t interested you are clear and stern.

One woman I know actually moved here because she felt so loved and seen by men which had not been the case where she was living previously.

Grow as a person: Having shared experiences and overcoming challenges together can greatly strengthen the bond in these relationships.

Being in any relationship causes us to grow but especially romantic ones do as we are often much closer than in normal relationships.

A relationship with a Turkish man offers a blend of challenges and rewards. With cultural understanding, mutual respect, and open communication, it can blossom into a gratifying partnership.

9 Tips for Foreign Women Dating Turkish Men

Navigating an intercultural relationship involves understanding their culture, respecting differences, and ensuring equality in the relationship.

The following are some tips and advice if you decide to pursue this relationship.

1. Cultural sensitivity: Respect and engage with his culture, traditions, and language.

Showing genuine interest in his heritage can create a deeper connection. Asking questions is huge in building any type of relationship.

2. Assertive communication: Be clear and assertive about your feelings and boundaries. The Culture Map is an incredibly helpful book.

While the context is the workplace, understanding the six main areas of cultural differences will impact every aspect of life.

Generally, Turkish culture is a very indirect culture but by being clear in your communication, you will save yourself many headaches.

3. Understanding: Recognize the differences in your cultural contexts and aim for mutual understanding and compromise.

Again, this is where something like The Culture Map could help. As you understand, you are able to respond differently when things come up.

4. Respect for religion: Appreciate his religious views and make your own viewpoint clear to maintain mutual respect.

While Turkey is predominately Muslim, more and more are “Muslim” in the same way that Americans are “Christian”, especially in Istanbul and other major cities.

This means it is a part of their identity in name but it isn’t necessarily practiced or closely observed.

Making sure you have those conversations can be really helpful as you move forward to make sure you’re on the same page.

In the smaller villages and towns, you will find more devout Muslims, and should consider having conversations about religion before you get too far.

5. Balance: Try to achieve a balance between adopting local customs and asserting your own cultural values.

A healthy intercultural relationship involves both giving and taking.

You shouldn’t do everything they want and simultaneously they shouldn’t do everything you want.

6. Open-mindedness: Accept that there will be differences and be open to learning and adapting wherever possible.

I think this is one of the huge benefits. When you learn to be in relationships with people who are different from you, you grow as a person.

It is in this growth that we are able to love better and engage the world differently, leaving it better than we found it.

7. Safety and Comfort: Always prioritize your comfort and safety.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the pace or direction of the relationship, communicate your feelings clearly and assert your boundaries.

One of the most common ways I have seen women experience this is in the “control” that it feels like men want to exert.

This could look like them not wanting you to go on a girls’ trip alone or making sure you tell them where you are when you’re alone.

If there can’t be compromise or if jealousy leads to control, it may be time to exit the relationship and move on with your life.

Ask stupid questions as a quote attached to a wooden panel circle

8. Building mutual trust: Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Be honest, reliable, and consistent to foster a trusting relationship.

This means explaining when you don’t understand something or when you need something different.

It is hard to do this in a relationship where you are both from the same culture.

Therefore, it can be even harder when you don’t share the same culture, but it is all the more important.

9. Not moving in desperation: In my mind, this is standard for any relationship but if you are feeling an urgency or pressure, you don’t have to do that.

You may feel a lot of pressure since you are in a foreign country and don’t want to offend someone.

But like all long-distance relationships, if they are built on genuine connection and a solid foundation, they are destined for failure.

With these guidelines, navigating a relationship with a Turkish man as a foreign woman can lead to a rewarding and enriching experience that appreciates cultural nuances and individual boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating a Turkish Man

What are Turkish men like?

Turkish men are generally known for their hospitality, respect for elders, and strong allegiance to family values. However, individual characteristics can vary widely, and it’s important to remember cultural stereotypes don’t define everyone.

How do Turkish men approach relationships with foreign women?

Many times, Turkish men are curious and open-minded towards foreign women. They might take leadership roles in the relationship, reflecting cultural norms. Interactions may be influenced by individual personality, cultural understanding, and the degree of cultural assimilation.

Are relationships between Turkish men and foreign women different from other relationships?

The dynamics within these relationships often reflect the cultural backdrop of Turkey. This includes traditional gender roles and the importance of family influence in personal life. However, just like any other relationship, understanding, mutual respect, and love are key elements.

Any advice for foreign women in a relationship with a Turkish man?

As a foreign woman, maintaining open communication about your expectations, setting mutual boundaries, and continuously learning about the cultural norms that influence your partner can help ensure a satisfying and safer relationship.

Final Thoughts on Romance in Turkey

I hope you have enjoyed this look into the cultural dynamics and relationships between Turkish men and foreign women.

I hope that you have gained some significant insights. The main things I hope that you take away from this are:

  • Turkish men are influenced by cultural norms and expectations, which shape their mindset and approach to relationships.
  • Foreign women may experience a unique dynamic when interacting with Turkish men due to their cultural and personal characteristics.
  • The relationships between Turkish men and foreign women may come with challenges and rewarding experiences, reflective of any cross-cultural interaction.
  • Safely navigating these relationships requires understanding, respect, communication, and awareness of cultural cues and social norms.

As you interact and build relationships with Turkish men, embrace the opportunity and learn to appreciate the cultural narratives that influence these individuals.

Immerse yourself in this remarkable culture. You are now better equipped to handle these interactions confidently and safely.

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