Top 3 Turkish Coffee Sets: Expert Buying Guide for 2024

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Are you searching for the best Turkish coffee sets for gifts or to enhance your own experience? Here are my favorites!

As a lover of Turkish coffee, I’ve spent a lot of time using different products to help you make the best decision.

Living in Turkey has allowed me to do this here at the source of the magic, but I realize you may not have that opportunity.

Because of that, I hope to share my experience with you so you can find the perfect set for you so that you too can enjoy Turkish coffee in your home.

So if you’re a coffee aficionado looking to expand your coffee brewing and drinking experiences, stick around.

We’ll take a look at the best options on Amazon and in another article, we will talk about how to actually make it.

Plus if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping!

My favorite Turkish Coffee Set

My #1 Pick

Karaca Coffee Collection

⭐️Rating 4.4 | ⌚️ Style: Modern

I love this chic Turkish Coffee Assembly for entertaining friends over a Turkish-style breakfast or a long-awaited catch-up.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Turkish Coffee Collection

When it comes to Turkish coffee sets, there are several features to consider. Of course, this is quite subjective but these will help you figure out what is important to you.


While all Turkish coffee cups are ceramic or porcelain, you will also see a brass casing with the Ottoman style. The Ottoman style has both the porcelain inner cup as well as this intricately carved brass shell.

As for the material of the cezve, it will typically be brass or copper because of its heat conductivity. That being said there are other ones out there as well but the copper is the most traditional.


The design of the set also matters.

Traditional sets are ornate, featuring intricately engraved patterns. These are often used for decorative purposes as well. Typically they come with more pieces and are a full set.

Modern versions, on the other hand, typically offer clean, sleek lines. They will be simpler and often just include the cups and saucers.


Size is a key consideration. You’ll need to figure out how many people you’ll typically be serving at once.

Typical service is for 2 or 6 people but you can find other options available also.

One thing to consider is that these are much smaller cups than a typical coffee cup. They are about 80 ml or between 2 – 3 oz.

They can also be used as an espresso cup and saucer set.

Coffee Service Set Accessories

Several sets come with additional accessories like a serving tray, extra coffee cups, or the cezve.

Depending on your requirements, this might be an aspect to keep in mind.

Care Instructions

Finally, each Turkish coffee set can have different care instructions depending on the materials used.

Some sets are dishwasher safe, while others are more delicate and require hand washing. Knowing the care instructions can help ensure your set maintains its quality and appearance over time.

I would recommend, however, that even if it says dishwasher safe but has a painted design handwashing it will ensure a longer life.

No matter what, the choice boils down to your personal preferences and needs. Each of these aspects contributes to not only the aesthetic appeal but the functionality of the collection as well.

Copper Turkish Coffee Pot – Aka Cezve

Most sets you will look at will only come with the cups and saucers. If you also need a cezve there are two different types.

Classic Copper Coffee Pot

The classic copper Turkish coffee pot, known as a cezve, embodies centuries of tradition and cultural significance.

Crafted with intricate designs and durable materials, these pots are not just tools for brewing coffee but also pieces of art that showcase the craftsmanship of Turkish artisans.

The copper construction allows for even heat distribution, crucial for achieving the perfect balance in Turkish coffee.

The long handle and spout facilitate precise pouring, and the ornate exterior adds an aesthetic touch to the brewing process.

Beyond functionality, the classic copper pot symbolizes the rich heritage and ritualistic aspects of Turkish coffee preparation, making it a cherished item in many households.

Electric Coffee Pot

On the other hand, the electric Turkish coffee maker represents a modern twist on the traditional method.

With the convenience of automation, these devices simplify the brewing process, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Electric models often come equipped with features like adjustable brewing settings and timers, ensuring consistency in flavor.

They also eliminate the need for an open flame, providing a safer alternative.

However, some coffee aficionados argue that the electric versions may lack the charm and cultural connection associated with the classic copper pot.

Choosing between the two depends on personal preferences, with traditionalists valuing the cultural significance of the classic copper pot, while those prioritizing convenience and modern amenities might opt for the electric alternative.

It’s essential to consider factors such as taste, tradition, and ease of use when deciding which Turkish coffee pot best suits individual preferences.

Ottoman Style Turkish Coffee Set

Handmade Traditional Ottoman Turkish Coffee Set

This traditional Ottoman Turkish Coffee kit is a beautiful, handcrafted coffee cup set that transports you directly to the heart of Istanbul.

With its silver coloring and intricate engraved detailing, it’s a statement piece in and of itself.

While this is not the standard way to serve Turkish coffee in Istanbul, I still remember the first time I saw this set used. I was on vacation in Izmir and absolutely loved the uniqueness of the set.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, this is definitely a great option.

Product Pros

  • Can also be used as decorations
  • Highest-quality porcelain
  • Everything you need to make Turkish Coffee is included
  • Handmade in Turkey

Product Cons

  • Must handwash to ensure the longevity of the product
  • Of course, since they’re for Turkish coffee, the cups are quite small

Authentic Porcelain Turkish Coffee cups – Set for 2

If you were to stop into a kahvehane (Turkish coffee shop) you would probably see this style of coffee cup used.

This style with the red and blue tulips is quite classic in Turkish culture. You can read all about tulips and what they mean to Turks here suffice it to say they are a cultural staple.

If you look at the reviews and think negatively, I’d like to say a couple things:

  • One person complained that these were too tiny. These are for Turkish coffee so they are much smaller than typical coffee cups. If you’re looking for a regular-size coffee cup with a Turkish style, this is not the product for you.
  • Whenever you ship fragile items, of course, they have the potential to break. The thing I love about Amazon is that you can return it typically without any issue if it is broken. So just return it and get a non-broken piece.

Product Pros

  • Dishwasher Safe*
  • High-quality porcelain
  • Set for 2 – Cup and Saucer set
  • Made in Turkey

Product Cons

  • Shipping fragile items always has the potential to break
  • Paint can come off in dishwasher
  • There is no Turkish pot incl.

* Even though it says these are dishwasher safe, I recommend you handwash them to ensure the longevity of the paint on the cups.

Modern Turkish Coffee Collection by Karaca – Set of 6

The Modern Turkish set by Karaca offers a seamless blend of traditional Turkish style with a contemporary edge.

Its simplistic style and delicate, gold-lined edge bring the perfect balance of function and aesthetic to the coffee experience.

Karaca is one of my favorite brands in Turkey. I have used their pots and pans as well as other kitchen essentials. They have good quality products that are also beautiful.

Product Pros

  • Known for its quality
  • High-quality porcelain
  • Set for 6 – Cups and Saucers
  • Made in Turkey
  • Great price point

Product Cons

  • Must handwash
  • Gold edging can come off in dishwasher
  • The cezve is not included

Turkish Coffee Sets FAQs

What is a Turkish Coffee Set?

It is a collection of tools and utensils specifically designed to prepare and serve Turkish coffee. It typically includes a cezve (a small pot with a long handle), coffee cups, and a serving tray. Some sets might have additional elements, such as a sugar bowl, a coffee grinder, and presentation items like tongs and decorative cloths.

What makes Turkish Coffee Sets unique?

The uniqueness of Turkish collections lies in their inherent association with the traditional Turkish coffee brewing method. The cezve, designed for making coffee with a unique foam, and the small cups for serving the potent brew, are key in capturing the authentic Turkish coffee experience. Many sets also stand out for ornate embellishments and detailed craftsmanship, reflecting rich Turkish culture and aesthetics.

How do I choose the best Turkish Coffee Set?

Choosing the best set depends on multiple factors like quality, style, materials used, and completeness of the set. Ideally, you want a set with a high-quality cezve made from copper or brass for optimal heat conduction. The cups should be thick and durable, and the whole set should meet your design preferences, whether you prefer modern, traditional, minimalist, or ornate styles.

Can I use a Turkish Coffee Set for other types of coffee?

While a Turkish Coffee Set is specifically intended for Turkish coffee, you could potentially use it for other types of coffee. However, the unique features of the set, such as the cezve and the small cups, are suited to Turkish coffee’s distinctive preparation and serving style. Favorite alternatives or adaptations might include other strong, espresso-like coffees, middle-eastern coffees, or Greek coffee.

Modern Turkish coffee cup

Final thoughts on buying a Turkish Coffee Cup Set

I hope you have found a style that fits your needs as you endeavor to serve Turkish Coffee in your home.

One thing I am now thinking too is that if you’re planning to serve Turkish coffee, then you might need some actual coffee. It is quite different from other types of coffee. Hang tight, a blog post is coming on this topic soon!

But this is the most well-known brand in Turkey and is actually my favorite. I drink their decaf and Columbian (for french press) regularly.

While it is tempting as Americans to buy the bigger package because it is a better price, I recommend getting the smaller one so it is fresher when you actually drink it.

In conclusion, the perfect Turkish coffee set can enrich your coffee-drinking experience, making every sip more flavorful and fulfilling. Choose wisely, and enjoy the unique taste of Turkish coffee right from the comfort of your home.

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